Automate Documentation and Coding Processes with Kachi Health

Kachi Health is the leading provider of AI-powered software that streamlines the documentation process, saving you time and improving accuracy.

It functions as a digital assistant that provides medical record documentation and compliant coding support in real time, through seamlessly converting your brief notes while you focus on patient interactions. Kachi's coding builder is designed to fit your specific specialty for real-time accuracy.


Simplify Medical

Documentation Processes


Elevate Patient Care

Kachi revolutionizes patient-provider interactions with real-time, AI-powered documentation assistance, enhancing the natural flow of conversation. By seamlessly integrating automated AI support, Kachi elevates the interaction quality between patients and providers.


Eliminate Provider Burnout

Kachi enables providers to prioritize patient outcomes by significantly reducing administrative tasks, potentially lowering physician burnout by up to 44.5%. With its documentation and coding platform, providers can save up to 3 hours daily in clinical labor.


Increase Overall Revenue

Kachi's advanced coding assistance platform offers exceptional AI-driven precision, possibly increasing revenue by 30%. Moreover, it has the potential to improve outcomes by 30-40% and reduce treatment expenses by up to 50%.

Patient registration Check-in Automation

Streamline patient check-ins with our AI-driven interface for an
efficient waiting room experience.

Kachi Health transforms the traditional check-in process by providing an interface that collects and
cross-references patient details with EHR data.
The system further engages patients by confirming key
information and collecting basic medical history in real-time.


Automated Patient Identification

Our system assists patients during registration by capturing essential information and cross-referencing it with existing EHR data, securely and accurately.


Preliminary History Taking

Kachi Health proactively collects key health details from patients, ensuring clinicians have full information prior to the visit.

Clinical Documentation & Billing Assistant

Leverage generative AI to optimize documentation and billing processes, while
lessen administrative burden and costs.

Our platform gathers data to help clinicians prepare for visits and create necessary documentation
In-built AI extracts key insights from patient registration data, portable EHR data, and
clinician’s brief notes or dictation to generate clinic notes, pre-authorization packages, and more. The
system also generates preliminary billing sheets and risk-adjustment codes in compliance with current
regulations for direct revenue growth.

Medical Notes Without the Burden


Synchronous Medical Record Documentation:

Kachi employs automated speech recognition to seamlessly integrate medical documentation into your EHR for review and sign-off.


Real-Time Customized Coding Support

Kachi's coding builder is specialized for your field, ensuring real-time accuracy tailored to your specific medical specialty.


Patient Engagement And Follow-Up

Improve patient satisfaction and adherence with responsive and personalized
post-visit engagement

Leveraging encounter data and medical records, our AI interfaces with patients through a secure app to
provide care reminders, instructions and facilitate easy follow-ups


Enabling the Human Connection


Augmenting Clinicians' Intelligence

At Med2Lab, we prioritize enhancing clinicians' skills with AI, not replacing them. Kachi functions as a physician's assistant driven by AI, enabling providers to focus on improving patient outcomes.


AI Support for Better Healthcare

Med2Lab leverages AI as a supportive tool for healthcare providers. Kachi, like a physician's assistant, surrounds providers with technology, allowing them to concentrate on delivering superior patient care.


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